Stuart Carey Ceramics


Hand thrown in batch to order the series of semi porcelain stoneware vessels combine as beautiful high-end tableware for everyday use or purely display purposes. Lifted from the wheel while wet each piece is left with an individual movement making them completely unique whilst sitting comfortably in sets or families of scale. Each piece is made on a set of principles, a certain weight of clay, a common aesthetic and a given scale which means one can request several of one item and although each is unique, they fit within the given parameters for that piece. The colour palette of subtle blues, creams, lemons and beiges sit quietly and are never over bearing yet have a strength and familiarity with which user and viewer feel a comfort. The range is driven by feel and tactility making the pieces a

pleasure to use as they offer themselves up to being handled.

The inspiration behind the series which was first realised during the Master Degree at the Royal College of Art is 'The Intimacy of Functional Objects', this became the title for the range produced at this time. Now better known as 'Stuart Carey Tableware' the series has become more refined and of the highest handmade quality whilst retaining its strength in individuality. Since its launch in 2011 the quality of production has come into its own and the range has been recognised with two designer of the year awards and an international following.

(Not Currently in Production)

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