Stuart Carey Ceramics


A series of porcelain vessels that explore movement and materiality. Living in London and having strong ties to his home town of Newcastle and an educational link to Glasgow Stuart Carey is no stranger to hopping on a train and hurtling through the British landscape.

In this series he explores the visual relationship between fast moving object and horizon line, he attempts to create glimpses of landscape in motion. "Sometimes while travelling, in an almost dream like state, I imagine my hand out of the window, I feel the movement of the air and follow the contours of the horizon" says Carey. In an attempt to recreate this feeling, this range of wheel produced pieces allows edges and rims to move, tear or ruffle, creating beautifully individual landscapes. The bowl shapes have a split rim, one up and one out like the vast planes contrasted with hills and trees in the distance as the earth meets the sky. The tactility and movement in the pieces engage the viewer to feel the motion through which they were created. Utilising his signature palette of cool blues and creams makes this range very identifiable as a Stuart Carey, but its strength lies in its inherent freshness and its capturing of a moment like a tangible photograph that longs to be touched.

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